Book Two

Do you believe that there is more to life than your everyday routine?

If you do, are you searching for that greater purpose?

What If that purpose involved influencing those around you?

What difference would you make?

Would your efforts be for personal fame

Or would it be to make a positive difference to this world?

Are you ready to break away from dogma

and take a leap of faith?

Travel back to a time where one species of animal was not allowed to converse with another; a time where the big five were divided in their quest to gain the attention of their human visitors.

With complacency brewing, a small group of animals convene to ascend with the changing times.

Traverse the park with the lion Panthera and the rhino Dhinoo, as they journey on a path of resistance, attracting other misfits with the single goal of rising up to create a brighter future.

Join this team as they break free from conformity; believing in a greater purpose, they attempt to change their world!

However, be warned that change does not come without conflict as sinister forces attempt to bring their campaign to an abrupt halt.

Are you ready to join Panthera and make the shift?