Hinesh Vithal was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and he is immortal. Well, he wishes that he was.

He has lived most of his life in a previously segregated area of the country, a place voracious with hopes and dreams. He attained his honours degree in financial management and began his career at a large corporation. Working in the corporate environment, Hinesh assumed many roles but has always had a pressing feeling; an elusive idea that there was something missing.

Hinesh combed the corners of his mind trying to understand what this gap constituted of in an attempt to fill this void. This search led him to his early years where he had created short stories as well as a series of poems.

Through this journey of self-discovery and a brief holiday with ardent animal lovers to the famous Kruger National Park; the National Park Trilogy was born.

Hinesh still resides in Johannesburg and lives happily with his wife and son in an environment arguably devoid of any wild animals.