Author’s Note

We traverse game reserves in search of the sightings of the infamous big five but what if these very creatures were conducting themselves with a specific agenda? Watching and observing us in return? What if they created a structure centred on their very own interactions with their human audience?

With this concept in mind, I proverbially put pen to paper and what surfaced was the National Park Trilogy.

During my early years as a budding writer, I had passionately created short stories as well as a series of poems. Once I left school, I pursued an academic and then corporate avenue and my writing came to a halt.

In search of fulfilling my childhood passion, I rediscovered my hidden love for storytelling.

I hope that my passion translates into the pages of the National Park Trilogy and touches a space within you, which lights a spark of fantasy and imagination, with the eagerness of a child.

I thank you for your support and I look forward to bringing the rest of the trilogy to you soon.


Hinesh Vithal