Book Three

Have you ever had the feeling that your life
is not headed in the direction you want?

If so, have you identified the changes that are needed?

What if opportunities are constantly presenting themselves and
continue to do so until you take a chance?

Will you summon the courage and face adversity head-on,
or will you continue to cower from the inevitable?

Get ready to take a leap
and break through your comfort zone!

Time has passed and yet the unease caused by past chaos still reverberates across the park.
Cries of guidance and leadership echo through the land yet fear bubbles through cracks previously unseen.
New direction is needed and once again change is beckoning with burning friction.

Niol, the son of Panthera, has the world on his shoulders as the eyes of expectation fall upon him. A responsibility that he did not ask for is now being thrust upon him, forcing him to consider his true purpose and place in the park.

Philosophical considerations are cast aside as he is falsely accused of murder and unexpectedly forced to flee. Fighting for survival with the purpose of clearing his name, Niol’s journey twists and turns into a haunted maze of past memories, a blooming love story and a conspiracy targeted at bringing down the park once and for all!

Are you ready to join Niol and embrace the unknown?