Two Oceans

Two Oceans: A thrilling spin-off of The National Park Trilogy

Do you know who you are?
Have you ever given it thought?

What if you weren’t whom everyone wants you to be?
Would you accept their judgment and labels, or

Would you be you, no matter what?

Raja’s bumpy journey in the national park has left him grappling with his identity and the limitations he’s placed on himself. His rebounding thoughts, however, will need to be put on hold when he joins the Patels on another family holiday, only to find himself separated from them once again.

A new hostile environment with even greater dangers!

Join Raja as he embarks on a journey into the depths of the ocean, discovering a world filled with vibrant characters and new friends. But beware, as danger lurks not only in the shadows.

As Raja and friends confront personal demons, they uncover a sinister plot that threatens the dreams of many.
Embark on this final adventure with Raja as he faces his toughest challenge yet.

Are you ready to join Raja and embrace the truth, no matter what?